Monday, April 14, 2014

Comments on Comics and Notes from Scott McCloud

"And what better way to reinvent the form than to toss virtually 99% of everything that's been done with it and start with a brand-new canvas, reinvent it from the ground up? Digital comics gave me the opportunity to do that, and producing things digitally gave me the opportunity to do that." - Scott McCloud


In the TED video above Scott McCloud, the author of Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art and many other works, gives a lecture about how our minds process visual information and this type of interpretation impacts comics and graphic stories. In Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art, McCloud establishes the five arenas of clarity for comic composition. I think these five arenas can easily be applied to our theories about digital storybooks/telling.
Below his theories regarding the five arenas of clarity a comic that describes the five arenas of comic composition.
Consider which frame is more appealing to you and why, how do images contribute to meaning in physical (print) and digital mediums.


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